With the demands that characterize her, she leads the TNC, in the heart of Madrid, specifically in one of its most emblematic shopping streets: Goya Street. 

No wonder she chose this location with a the well known painter's name. TNC  make aesthetics a true work of art, taking care of every detail with care, and treating each customer as what it deserves: unique and exclusive. 

Always betting on excellence, she chooses the best cosmetic brands and of course, with the help of ateam of highly qualified women who feel the same passion and dedication.

The result? TNC is the house of integral aesthetics, where customers know that they are in the best  professional hands, within a welcoming, elegant and comforting environment that, thanks to the friendliness affection and good work of all professionals, will make you repeat the experience over and over again, making this brand an essential part of the daily beauty routine.


She is the TNC Manager and Maryori's righthand woman. Thanks to her organizational skills, she knows how to manage the duties of her colleagues, always giving advise to each one of them and ensuring the proper functioning of the center, taking care of the management and  other duties.
She also takes care of the social networking together with Maryori, creating a community of clients who are looking for quality, professionalism and elegance in equal parts. 

Eloísa's specialties at TNC are: chiropractic therapies, body treatments and nail artist. Her training in integral aesthetics began in 2001.
She has a medium and higher degree in Aesthetics in Madrid. She also trained in sports massage and chiropractic techniques at ISED.

Without forgetting her constant and current formation in new techniques of manicure, pedicure, acrylic and gel nail art... 

In her last years of study she combined studying with working as manicurist and makeup artist in some of the most prestigious centers of the capital. 

An unconditional fan of Indie music, with organization as her life's motto, she is also a mother who adores her little girl.

Trainer in Russian manicure and pedicure, as well as in acrylic and gel extension technique She started her career in 2015, studying a higher degree in manicurist technician and beginnings of podology, later, she continued her professional studies. In 2019, she becomes an acrylic and gel extension trainer.

Thanks to her incredible aesthetic skills, combined with his constant desire of learning, she is currently the trainer at TNC, specializing in the most innovative facial and body techniques.

Animal lover, self-taught, professional and creative.

Trainer in all techniques of eyelash extensions, as well as eyebrow visagism, she began training in 2008 with a medium degree in traditional manicure and pedicure in Colombia, one of the places in the world where there is the best professionals in beauty and comprehensive aesthetics in general. 

Already living in Madrid, she continues to work and train in new manicure, pedicure, acrylic and gel  techniques. She also especialized in eyebrow design with thread, working in several renowned beauty centers in the capital.  

In 2016, she began her training in the classic technique of eyelash extension hair by hair and volume techniques 2D,3D,4D, even 8D, she also learned leading techniques of eyelash lifting, eyebrow smoothing and hair removal techniques with thread, until she became a trainer in these techniques.

Already in TNC, he successfully completed her technical training in Russian Manicure and  enamelling. At the end of 2019, he began her training as a professional beautician. 

Perfectionist and vital, addicted to the selfies, she is an expert of the pose!

Expert in visagism and Make-up. Her professional career begins in 2013, thanks to an medium degree of aesthetics. 

Later, she combined her work and studies refining her techniques in manicure, pedicure and acrylicand gel techniques. 

In 2019, she becomes an expert in microblading. Currently at TNC, Miriam is training in classic hair eyelash extension and facial and body techniques. 

She is the youngest of the TNC team, very professional and in continuous training to expand her knowledge.

Voracious follower of beauty trends, smily, funny and the culprit of that atmosphere of constant joy and good mood that characterizes our team.


Specialist in kobido massage and facial rejuvenation. 

She began her career in 2009 with a higher degree in aesthetics in Colombia, where she began to develop her profession by combining it with the continuity of her training and specializing in facial rejuvenation and body remodeling techniques. 

Great professional, very tidy and discreet, we believe she could have been an actress, as she is capable of representing day by day with much art specific moments of our routine and thus get our best smile. She's just a mom, she's loving, romantic and responsible.