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Welcome to The Nail Corner by OPI, the nail center at Goya, Madrid! We are the official center of the leading OPI firm, luxury manicure and pedicure, and we pamper you with the best facial and body treatments. ¿Would you like to take some time for yourself? Russian, Brazilian, star, semipermanent, permanent, gel, acrylic... there are so many techniques that can be used to give life to our nails, that the most difficult thing is to choose just one! What we do know for sure at The Nail Corner by OPI regardless of the technique used, that thanks to OPI the manicure and pedicure have won lots!

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Brazilian Manicure Madrid

Would you like to give your hands and nails an extra boost of hydration and care? In that case, what you need is to come to The Nail Corner by OPI and try our Brazilian manicure in Madrid! Your hands will leave our shop completely renovated!

What our customers say

    I got Stefania for a manicure. She made me feel great with her kind treatment and professionalism! I recommend her 100%!
    G. Bellino
    Whenever I’m in Madrid I go there, excellent treatment, very professional, it’s a pleasure to have hands and feet as well as massages and eyelashes done. Excellent.
    Liliana D.
    Fabulous deal. Very professional. They take care of all details. I love the colors.
    Teresa S.

OPI the ultimate nail polish firm

OPI is now a world leader in nail care. It came into our lives as a revolutionary firm because of its high quality products and for creating nail polishes  with the colours that are most seen on the catwalks and by the fashion brands each new season.
But that’s not all. They even named them with gorgeous names, with names that have already become iconic, such as Pink Flamenco, Bubble Bath or You don’tknow Jacques! Spilling personality wherever they go!
Its professional finish and spectacular colours have made OPI the most widely used nail polish among celebrities and  for sure all around  in Spain. No one  has ever overlooked its quality in all products, both its nail polished or its bases, which are repairing and strengthening.

The Nail Corner by OPI,
the Brazilian manicure and pedicure in Madrid you've always dreamed of, and much more!

At The Nail Corner we dedicate that wonderful time you need, exclusively, to you. We spoil you withour body and facial treatments, such as facial cleansing, presotherapy, kobido massage, radiofrequency, and more! Of course, as a specialized nail center in Goya, Madrid, we make sure you leave our center with the  Brazilian manicure and pedicure  perfect for every occasion, and always fashionable and trending thanks to OPI. Our team is made up of real specialists and professionals who will give shape and give life to your nails as you desire in every moment.

At The Nail Corner by OPI we pamper you and make your time in our salon as relaxing and enjoyable as possible! 
Come and meet us and spend quality time with us! We are waiting for you at our nail center in 93 Goya Street, Madrid

Hydration and aesthetics come together in the present technique of the Brazilian manicure

TNC more than a manicure center, we could consider it a treatment center for all that it provides to your hands and nails. The Brazilian manicure hydrates, nourishes and regenerates in depth the wholearea without using  water. How is this done? 

Using gloves that contain 7 active ingredients, including keratin and vitamin E.

The gloves are left on the hands until the manicure is finished so that their components go into the   skin and make their effect. The fingertips of the glove are cut so that they can work on the nails and start with the manicure that each person wants. It is important to remove cuticles to clear the nail, make it look more beautiful and also extend the duration of the polish on it. 

After finishing the manicure, a massage is carried out to reactivate all the active ingredients and thusfavour a correct circulation, leaving hands and nails perfectly cared and beautiful.