A complete beauty experience

A complete beauty experience In 2017 the TNC opens its doors with the purpose of offering the best personal care treatments from the idea that each person is unique and has different needs. 

Therefore all our protocols are customized with great care, so we always get the best results. 
In the area of manicure and pedicure, we are the official representatives of the No. 1 Brand Worldwide in the care of hands and feet O. P. I. 

In the area of facial and body aesthetics we have the latest technology in aesthetic equipment and ofcourse also the most renowned cosmetic Brands and more extensive experience, such as Biologique Recherche, LPG, Endermologie, Sileä, Bioslimming and we are the home official for Clementyne  Cosmetics.

In July 2018, we received the award for professional excellence from the Community of Madrid, withregistration number 36,086.